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Class Details

(1) SAT & PSAT Vocabulary

388 concepts, including:
abrasive, accusatory, acerbic, acolyte, adept, adroit, adulatory, aeon, aesthetically, affectation, agent, agitated, altruism, amalgam, ambivalent, ameliorate, anecdote, animus, anomalous, antediluvian, antidisestablishmentarianism, antithetical

(2) SAT Word List 1

22 concepts, including:
Abstemious, abstinence, abstract, abtruse, abundant, abusive, abut, abysmal, academic, accede, accelerate, accentuate, accessible, acclaim, acclimate, accolade, accommodate, accomplice, accord, accost, accoutre, acerbity

(3) Word List

25 concepts, including:
Abase (v), Abash (v), Abate (v)., Abbreviate (v), Abdicate(v), Abduction (n), Aberrant (n), Abet (v), Abhor(v), Abject(adj), Abjure(v), Abnegation(n), Abolish (v), Abominable(adj), Aboriginal (adj), Abortive(adj), Abrade (v), Abrasive (adj)

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