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Class Details

(1) set 6 8/16

13 concepts, including:
nostalgic, folly, ostentatious, convoluted, candid, mitigated, ossified, bureaucratic, venerable, jingoism, ambivalent, inherent, unsubstantiated

(2) set 5 8/7

12 concepts, including:
replete, placid, apathetic, rendition, exorbitant, egregious, vicariously, benevolent, pretentious, discerning, animosity, allegory

(3) set 4

8 concepts, including:
altruist, lugubrious, azure, elite, disingenuous, orator, enmity, nefarious

(4) set 3

7 concepts, including:
edifying, impudence, florid, heedless, bonanza, promulgate, stymy

(5) set 2

6 concepts, including:
assiduous, myriad, consternation, austere, taciturn, ubiquitous

(6) Set 1

5 concepts, including:
ephemeral, servile, trifling, delineated, laudatory

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