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(1) SparkNotes’ 250 Most Difficult SAT Words

250 concepts, including:
abjure, abrogate, acerbic, acrimony, acumen, adumbrate, alacrity, anathema, antipathy, approbation, arrogate, ascetic, aspersion, assiduous, blandish, boon, brusque, buffet, burnish, buttress, cacophony, cajole, calumny, capricious, clemency, cogent, concomitant

(2) DH Vol 2 The Toughest Words II (341-400)

79 concepts, including:
idiosyncrasy, censorious, captious, consternation, didactic, edify, elucidate, pellucid, effusive, prolific, furor, paranoia, marginal, peripheral, marginalize, obfuscate, flummox, spate, ineffable, histrionic, overwrought, placate, eschew, stopgap

(3) DH Vol 2 The Toughest Words I (281-340)

77 concepts, including:
lambaste, quiescent, provisional, lurid, truculent, pugnacious, belligerent, propitiate, elan, perfunctory, aplomb, opacity, craven, venal, licentious, noxious, superfluous, extraneous, duplicitious, profligate, epiphany, insidious, vacuous, inane

(4) DH Vol 2 Words With Multiple Meanings (261-280)

22 concepts, including:
arrest, gravity, precipitate, relief, check, flag, discriminating, eclipse, coin, stock, currency, bent, court, negotiate, temper, pedestrian, impediment, expedite, cavalier, sanction, compromise, channel

(5) DH Vol 2 Science and The Social Sciences (216-260)

49 concepts, including:
catalyst, caustic, crystallize, osmosis, sedentary, virulent, empirical, entomology, gestate, paradigm, enterpreneur, lucrative, extravagant, avarice, glut, plethora, surfeit, destitute, impoverished, indigent, affluent, opulent, munificent

(6) DH Vol 2 Key Literary Terms (201-215)

18 concepts, including:
synopsis, simile, metaphor, personification, irony, satire, lampoon, parody, hyperbole, caricature, epic, saga, euphony, cacophony, foreshadow, subplot, memoir, anecdote, eulogy, allusion

(7) DH Vol 1 The Mighty Prefix Words (156-200)

53 concepts, including:
e- and ex-, expunge, excise, expurgate, eccentric, extricate, exemplary, enumerate, elusive, exorbitant, re-, repudiate, recant, renounce, redundant, relinquish, resilient, reaffirm, reticent, rebuff, renovate, rejuvenate, resurgent, de-, deleterious

(8) DH Vol 1 Every SAT Word Has a History (131-155)

25 concepts, including:
draconian, laconic, spartan, halcyon, sophistry, chimerical, ostracize, impecunious, nefarious, jovial, dirge, maudlin, quixotic, pandemonium, martinet, fiasco, bowdlerize, galvanize, picayune, gerrymander, maverick, juggernaut, serendipity, zenith

(9) DH Vol 1 The Most Interesting People (101-130)

32 concepts, including:
charlatan, skeptic, rhetorician, hedonist, ascetic, raconteur, iconoclast, dilettante, partisan, mentor, acolyte, demagogue, automaton, recluse, bungler, clairvoyant, prognosticator, pundit, zealot, neophyte, novice, greenhorn, benefactor, patron

(10) DH Vol 1 Core Vocab Part II (51-100)

55 concepts, including:
diminutive, trivial/minutiae, exhort/implore, antipathy/animosity/rancor, detesting, enmity, digress, tenacious, indulgent, divisive/polarize, nebulous, analogy/analogous, fleeting/ephemeral, penchant/predilection/inclination, capricious/mercurial

(11) DH Vol 1 Core Vocab Part I (1-50)

56 concepts, including:
ambivalent, anomaly/atypical, sarcastic/sardonic/snide, dearth/paucity, prattle, wry/droll, jocular, unconventional/unorthodox, painstaking/meticulous/exacting, audacious, indifferent/apathetic, diffident, pragmatic, evocation, presumptuous

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